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Joining the Band

The MRB is built around the ideals of acceptance and diversity. We welcome people of all sexualities, and aim to provide an environment free from all forms of discrimination.

The MRB is always looking for new members, and if you play an instrument we’d love you to come along. We hold Open Rehearsals twice a year but new members are welcome to join at any time.

Anyone is welcome to come along to a few rehearsals to find out what we’re all about. After four rehearsals, an annual subscription fee is required to become a member ($120/$90 per year).

We do not hold formal auditions to join the band, and we are open and inclusive to musicians of all sexualities (GLBTI and straight). Our basic requirement is that you play a concert band instrument and can read music.

For more information about how to join the band email us at

Volunteers and Non-Playing Members

Even if you don’t play an instrument, we’re always looking for extra help at our performances and events. Volunteers fill roles in front of house and backstage, as well as carrying banners and flags when we march.

Contact us on if you’re interested in volunteering or becoming a non-playing member.

Pride March 2014

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