Warburton Winterfest – Warburton

June 3, 2006

Winterfest was a new and exciting event for us.  The MRB was invited to travel to Warburton to lead the Lantern Parade and perform in the big top.  The MRB met at a member’s house, for a BBQ lunch before boarding a coach (kindly provided by Winterfest organisers) to travel to picturesque Warburton.  On arrival we set up on stage, wider and shallower than we were used to.  This was a great example of the band’s flexibility and willingness to work outside the norm.  The big top was a huge tent (seating 150+) on a hill overlooking the main street.

The Lantern Parade was probably the wackiest parade route the MRB has ever lead.  The parade wound up the back street of Warburton, across the main street, up the hill, through a car park, into single file down a grassy slope, along the footpath, up some stairs, up a walking path and to the big top.  Having marched to nothing but a drumbeat for most of the march, we performed our pieces for the rest of the parade as they reached the finish.  Another fine display of flexibility.

Later in the evening we performed our stage set and received thunderous applause and calls for encore.  Following our performance we had an inquiry for hire from one of the members of the audience.  After loading the bus, we set off for Melbourne and hoped to thaw out by the time we got there.

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