Pride March – Fitzroy St, St Kilda

February 7, 2010

The MRB has participated in each Pride March since its inception 15 years ago, so of course on Sunday the 7th of February the MRB met at one end of Fitzroy Street among the throngs of community groups, rainbow flags, balloons and banners. The earlier start time for this year’s march made it a bit harder to get a good rehearsal in before we stepped off, plus it was a little on the warm side, but at least we weren’t marching right in to the sun as in previous years.

Thanks to our weeks of marching practice (which included moving calmly and quietly away from a bee hive we were standing under, and getting pulled over by the cops) we set off along the parade route at a cracking pace. After taking the right hand turn near the end of the parade route a little too fast we ended in the Catani Gardens with a pretty shonky and exhausted halt – before making a dash to the cool  comfort of the shade and an esky full of cold refreshments. Revitalised and invigorated the band then gathered around into a lopsided semicircle to finish the day with a couple of our favourite boppy and/or camp numbers to entertain the crowds of people coming in to the gardens to enjoy the post Pride festivities.

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