Numurkah Foodbowl Music Festival – Numurkah

October 18, 2008

Numurkah1There’s something about a road trip. Something that brings a group of people together.  The MRB’s trip to Numurkah in Victoria’s north was no different.  Not only did it strengthen relationships within the Band, it also gave us an opporutnity to contribute to a worthy cause.

The Numurkah Foodbowl Music Festival aimed to raise funds for drought affected communities and draw attention to the plight of farmers in an area which produces 30% of Victoria’s fresh produce.

Early on the morning of Saturday 18th October 2008, members of the MRB gathered in Clifton Hill to disturb the neighbours, and await the arrival of our luxury coach with the dodgy seat covers and smelly toilet (something no road trip would be complete without). Once on board, we began the 2 ½ hour journey north. On the way there, we joked, laughed, shared lollies and watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Goulburn Valley countryside pass by.

Our arrival at Numurkah was heralded by cries of “are we there yet”, “who was that” and “Mark, he’s looking at me”. As the bus pulled in to the main street, we frightened city folk peered from the windows of the bus, disturbed by the lack of traffic lights, and… well, traffic! When we disembarked though, we found that the little town of Numurkah was
quite a pleasant town indeed, be it a bit hot and dusty. The people were very welcoming, in fact, the owner of the milk
bar opposite Newman Square knew exactly who we were, and was very excited to see us.

Numurkah2Our audience was very enthusiastic, no doubt because of the continegent of members of the local gay and lesbian social group, Goulburn Valley Pride.  After the performance we had a chance to have a look around the town, and for a very brief period turned the local pub into a gay bar, statistically at least. And so it was back on to the bus, and back on the road for the return trip to Melbourne.

After one toilet stop at Mangalore (with a name like that the boys couldn’t resist a quick photo) and polishing off the last of the lollies while singing along to the movie Hairspray, we arrived back in Melbourne. Yes tired, but certainly all a little bit closer to each other.

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