Movie Magic – Malvern Town Hall

October 28, 2005

Movie Magic Poster Oct 05Movie Magic was a collaboration between the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus and the Melbourne Rainbow Band.  Three performances were held over a weekend to a total audience of well over 1,200 fans.

Beginning with a powerful performance of Star Wars, the audience was taken on a ride they would not soon forget.  The Band and the Chorus performed a mix of solo and joint pieces, including Rhythm of Life and Happy Together.  Other pieces performed by the MRB that became firm favourites were The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Erich Fackert (MRB) and Jonathon Welch (MGLC) brought the house down with Nessun Dorma, accompanied by the Band and Chorus.  The sheer power and beauty of this piece sent shivers down the spines of everyone in the MRB, MGLC, and audience.  The audience gave standing ovations after each of the three performances.  At one performance, the audience demanded an immediate encore.

This concert was such a success as it drew upon the complimentary strengths of the two groups – the MGLC’s colour, movement and voice, and the MRB’s ability to bring powerful, complex music to life.  This marriage created a show greater than the sum of its parts.

MovieMagic band performing

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