Motafrenz Concours D’Elegance – Como Park, Sth Yarra

February 6, 2005

For the first time this year, the band performed a paid gig at the annual gathering of the Motafrenz Car Club.  The event, held at Como Park as part of Midsumma, featured competitions for various categories of cars, (slowest) car races, food, drinks, and drag queens.  The event was an opportunity for the gay and lesbian community to show off their cars, and ogle everyone else’s.  Band members were especially impressed with the car belonging to Mr. Daff.

As well as our discounted performance fee, we received a vintage car ride for two people to be used in fundraising for the band.  This was a prize at our DT’s fundraiser, and was greatly appreciated by the winner.  The event provided the band an opportunity to widen our audience base, and to increase our networks within the Melbourne gay and lesbian community.

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