Midsumma Carnival – Alexandra Gardens

January 17, 2010

By William Hampton (1 ½ years of age)

On Sunday January 17th mum said we were going to a carnival. We went to some beautiful gardens by the river. There were lots of tents, dogs and rainbows. They were pretty. There were also some tall ladies dressed really really nicely; I liked their sparkly dresses. We found mum’s friends and settled down under a tree to listed to them play. We couldn’t  understand why they had to play in the open when there was a perfectly good stage, but then we realised that the stage was for people who weren’t as good as mum’s friends so that was all right.

They played lots of fun songs and at the end my brother Connor got to conduct a piece about people living in a village. He was really good, but I thought the other conductors were better. After that we got some lunch and looked around for a bit. It rained so I sat in my pram and watched mum’s hair go frizzy.

Connor found jelly wrestling and wanted a go but dad said when he was older.  Mum’s friends then sat under a tree to play some more. The weather wasn’t very good and it started to rain again. I was really impressed how quickly they shut their books and jumped under the tree, they must have practiced that for ages! When they finished we went home.

The end.

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