Joy94.9 Picnic in the Park – Mt Macedon

January 26, 2008

Immediately following the Australia Day parade, members of the Band headed to Mount Macedon for our annual performance at the Joy94.9 Picnic.  The event is one of Joy’s main fundraisers, and was held at Forest Glade: a stunning property owned by our long term sponsor Cyril S.

In keeping with tradition, the Band chose a new (and unlikely) area to perform in this year – crowded around the edges of a water feature.  It looked great to the audience, but logistically was a little tricky – it was sheer luck that we didn’t lose any members to the murky depths of the lily pad covered pond.  The music was great, and Band members and friends were well satisfied by the lavish picnic lunch provided by the Band (thanks to Marc and Ania).

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