Joy94.9 Picnic – Forest Glade, Mt Macedon

January 26, 2009

I think mum’s gotten lost. We’re up the top of a mountain in some sort of park. No sight of nanna or pa. It’s a beautiful park, but mum keeps saying that it’s someone’s garden. He must be a very nice and generous person to let everyone use his gardens. Mum says we are here to play for the owner to say thank you and to help raise money for the radio station we listen to – I like them because they play disco.

Looks like that tall guy’s organised lunch – I’m starving!! Wow, what a spread! I’ve got a whole piece of bread to myself! Must thank him – Marc’s his name. Mum has just run off with a black pipe – looks dodgy. Everyone else has vanished too – better go check it out, they might need me.

They’re all sitting around a pond making nice noise! They’re playing songs by Count Basie – I remember his stuff from when I was in the womb! Awesome! I’m having a dance and everyone else around me seems to be enjoying it too.

They all make a great sound with their hands when mum and not-mums stop playing, I must figure out how to do that. But in the meantime, they’ve finished and I spy cupcakes. Mum (the pig) had two cupcakes: I’ll get those later. I got to eat some cantaloupe which tastes even better than the bread. This Marc guy is awesome!

Mum’s rushing off with that pipe again; something about a second set. Set of what? Dancing time again! The crowd loves Hairspray, although it looks like most of them use gel and something called product. Well, it’s all finished, there’s no more food and mum says we have to go.

What a perfect day! Can’t wait until next year, then I’ll be up the front with that big stick!

By William H, aged 8 months.

(with a little help from mum, Ania)

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