ChillOut Festival – Daylesford

March 13, 2011

Pramote leading the wayAs has become part of the tradition, ChillOut 2011 was a mixture of fun performances, relaxation and unexpected weather.

The MRB’s advance team arrived in Daylesford on Friday night for a welcome bbq hosted by our recently retired conductor Mark Lyall.  We spent the evening eating fabulous food and drinking under the amazing country stars.  Saturday we took Chillout at face value, and generally had a lazy time of it – at least until the evening bushdance where we kicked up our heels and do-si-do’d ourselves silly.

The rest of the band joined us on Sunday morning for a quick bite at Harvest Cafe before heading up the hill to prepare for the Street Parade.  For the first time at Chillout we weren’t the only band in the gay village – Daylesford Brass Band had their inaugural march in the parade, and we look forward to seeing them again next year.  The march took its standard unconventional route, but as always the audience loved us and boogied along to Lady Gaga and Pink

Ben & BecFor Carnival Day we set up near the main gate opposite the giant BOLLYWOOD sign, and played our first set to the arriving crowd.  The day had started out with completely clear skies, and we were counting our blessing after the unfortunate weather in previous years.  Sadly, it didn’t last.  We tried to beat the rain by starting our second set early, but by the time we were half way through Disco Inferno it was torrential – thank god for marching folders with plastic protective sleeves!  Regardless of the downpour, we made it to the end of the piece in a brilliant display of dedication (and stupidity) before scattering.   By the time the rain had passed most of us had well and truly disbanded, so we called it a day.

Thanks to the band members for the great effort, ChillOut organizers for a wonderful festival, and the rain gods for putting on another impressive meteorological display.


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