ChillOut Festival – Daylesford

March 8, 2009

The Black Saturday Bushfires, where so many lives and so much property were lost, also threatened this years’ ChillOut Festival, with organisers only giving the final “go ahead” a few days before the festival programme was to start.

Despite this threat, an amazing 5,000 people lined Vincent Street for the Parade! The crowd was loud and excited and especially responsive to the Band’s renditions of “Celebration” and “New York, New York”. Two laps of the parade route meant we got to make sure the main street of Daylesford got a full dose of MRB marching magic. It was incredible to see so many people brave a chilly Sunday morning, with infectious smiles and cheers, supporting the LGBTI community.

Following the parade, the Band made its way down the road to Victoria Park to set up for the Fair. With a prime position just inside the main gate, the Band performed two sit-down sets for the incoming crowds. Sheltered under a beautiful 100 year old pine tree, the sounds of falling pine needles hitting cymbals made a lovely inclusion to our repertoire, which included “The Final Countdown”, “Chicago” and “American Patrol”.

We had many people stop and listen for one or more pieces as they made their way around the grounds, which was fantastic.

A great time was had, and the chance to support our friends in regional Victoria made this year’s ChillOut Festival a memorable one. We look forward to continuing our relations with this great event.

Bec F (percussion)

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