Another Amazing Success

June 7, 2022

MRB, you’ve done it again!

What a thrilling and exciting afternoon of music. You can probably already tell we had way too much fun with this one! If only every concert we do could have such super fun outfits, but then we might be a bit too distracted by making fun cosplays every time…

Thank you to our amazing host Dr Xavier Ho, who kept the whole event running effortlessly. There is no way it would have been the fantastic afternoon that it was without his expertise.

Thank you also to the ever brilliant Trudi Camilleri, who swooped in and saved the day after our original soloist, Campbell, was struck down with COVID. There are very few people who could perform so confidently after only two rehearsals.

We can’t wait to do it all again ASAP! But for now, its time to rest these lungs…stay tuned for other exciting events to come.

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