Guide Dogs Open Day

March 3, 2009

This performance was to entertain the crowd at the Guide Dog Open day in order to raise money for the Guide Dog Association. The MRB played 2 sets, consisting of a variety of music, both pieces from the usual repertoire with the addition of new pieces in preparation for the annual mid year concert, Love & War.

Although the day was an early start, and the weather cold, our performances were well received, despite almost losing our entire brass section and percussionists as they slid from view towards the back of the temporary small stage, which was on a rather steep incline.

The band, in between, sets were able to grab some food and enjoy the rest of the Open Day activities, including patting the puppies, admiring the celebrity hosts and some free time, which allowed for a brief socialising session among band members- particularly the new ones from the recruitment drive at the Band’s Open Rehearsal.

All in all, it was a lovely and enjoyable event.

By Pru M (Trumpet)

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